What are the strategic cybersecurity challenges of sovereignty

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Cyber sovereignty, a strategic challenge

Sovereign EDR is a strategic challenge in cybersecurity that concerns all economic and political actors. This name refers to a system of storage and processing of personal data that is fully managed and controlled independently. The objective is to preserve national sovereignty over sensitive data by avoiding the risks of leaks, cyber attacks or foreign surveillance.

The development of a sovereign EDR is part of the protection of privacy and confidentiality of data, which are of increasing concern as technologies evolve and the amount of data collected increases. Personal data can be used for commercial, political or military purposes, which can cause serious harm to citizens and businesses.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes a number of obligations regarding personal data protection and privacy. However, data transfers outside of the European Union can pose security challenges due to the different level of data protection in third countries. Sovereign EDR can help address these issues by enabling public authorities to better control data transfers and preserve the privacy of citizens’ personal data.

Sovereign EDR is a major cybersecurity challenge that affects not only public authorities, but also businesses and citizens. It is a crucial tool to preserve national sovereignty over sensitive data and to guarantee the protection of privacy and confidentiality of personal data.


The Nucleon Security sovereign cloud

Nucleon Security offers its customers the benefit of a sovereign cloud, which guarantees the security, confidentiality and availability of critical data and applications for a country or a region, while benefiting from the control of its data by having the technological and legal means to protect it.

By always partnering with sovereign cloud providers, compliance with local regulators is ensured as well as the protection of sensitive customer information.

In addition, our sovereign cloud offers additional cybersecurity benefits, such as resilience against cyberattacks and threats, rapid incident detection and response, and greater transparency and accountability in data management.

Let’s protect your data together.

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