Nucleon EDR

Endpoint Detection, Response and Remediation Platform

The platform

Business contextual protection

Nucleon Smart Endpoint adapts its protection layers automatically depending on your critical data.

Business Context Absorption

The smart agent learns continuously the internal data usage and the system interactions.

Automated Rules Creation

Automated business-oriented security rules to provide a proactive protection of the business data.

Multi-Layer Zero-Trust

Set up successive protection layers on multiple levels in order to harden the work environment.

Detect, respond and remediate

Nucleon Endpoint Detection and Response EDR is the most effective way to protect the value created by your organization against any threat.

Some benefits with Nucleon Smart Endpoint EDR platform

check Effective business-oriented hardening

check AI-powered detection to block unknown threats

check Reduce security operational team fatigue

check SOC Integration to detect new attack scenario

Your Defense Gear

All you need to defend and gain ground on cyber criminals.

Learning usages

Define the right hardening rules while maintaining business continuity. Users activities absorption allows identifying users’ interactions with the information system and help create specific protection rules.


Establish the multilayer verification on process, network and data level. Every action on the system is checked in order to validate the authenticity of the source and its legitimacy to conduct the action.

Machine Learning

Detect unknown malware and ransomware using our continuous learning algorithm. Machine learning automated detection models by sector are used to protect against targeted attacks.

Deep Visibility

Identify blind spots and suspicious behaviors on your information system, and build enhanced correlation rules on your SIEM thanks to the increased visibility capabilities.


Simplify investigation after an incident using increased visibility capabilities and graphical attack representation. Enrich your incident management tools with artifacts collected by the platform.

Vulnerability Management

Identify automatically the weaknesses of your information system. Be notified without delay when a CVE impacting your IT infrastructure is published, or when a vulnerable program is identified on your endpoints.

Remote Actions

React effectively by performing remote actions on one or multiple endpoints in order to isolate them, get files or system information, stop a process, dump process memory and more. All necessary actions to respond if a suspicious behavior is identified.

Remediation & Rollback

Revive your business activity quickly by cleaning the system and getting back lost or corrupted data. The remediation and rollback features are the last resort after an attack, even at the initiative of a user.

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Gaumont Logo

Maxime Vidal Madjar

CIO Group Gaumont

We have chosen the EDR Nucleon Smart Endpoint to replace our traditional  antivirus. We were convinced that this solution was in line with our plan to improve the security level of Gaumont’s information system. We particularly appreciate the technical support of the security supervision team both for their skills and for their reactivity.

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