Nucleon Security Certified Cybersecurity Made in Europe

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Paris, France July, 2022

Cybersecurity: a European challenge

Nucleon Security has just obtained its “Cybersecurity Made in Europe” label. This label was developed by the European Cyber ​​Security Organization (ECSO) and issued by Systematic Paris-Région.

The ECSO aims to develop cybersecurity at European level. The awarding of this label is subject to well-defined criteria: they testify to the solidity and reliability of the company. “Cybersecurity Made in Europe” sheds light on the strategic value of European cybersecurity companies and their reliability, but also gives better European visibility to end users and investors.

ECSO Cybersecurity Made In EuropeA label reflecting our ambitions

Our products are all designed, developed and hosted in France. Our strategy is to keep this strong point in order to better serve the European institutions but also the SMEs and MidCaps which can be primary targets.

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