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Cyber security + Malware + CTI + Threat Anas Chanaa

What is Threat Hunting and how it can benefit to your organisation?

What is threat hunting and why we need it now ? Threat hunting designates all the activities conducted by a threat hunter or a cyberthreat analyst in order to find hidden persistent threats inside an organization infrastructure. Abnormal events such as a connection to an unknown server, access to a sensitive process memory or a DLL injection are some examples of what a [...]

Proactive Endpoint Protection

AI and Zero-trust powered EDR to stay ahead of cybercriminals

Discover Nucleon Platform

The platform

Nucleon EDR Platfom

Nucleon, the cybersecurity watchtower

Nucleon EDR platform allows an extremely precise vision on your endpoints as well as their activities.

A unique platform to detect attacks, respond effectively, and quickly remediate to security incidents.

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Nucleon's Prevention Paradigm

Business-Centric Protection

End-users' Activities Absorption

End-users have their own way to manipulate business data. To adapt the security mechanisms to these specific data types, Nucleon Smart Endpoint platform absorbs end-users' activities and creates customized security rules and protects crucial data.

End-users' Activities Absorption

Multi-Layer Zero-Trust

New way to prevent breaches. Nucleon Smart Endpoint EDR platform combines defense in depth and Zero-Trust paradigms to prevent illegitimate access on any resources. Our technology validates the legitimacy of a process to access data, network or another process.

Multi-Layer Zero-Trust

Respond and Remediate

Enhance cyber-resilience capabilities. Nucleon Smart Endpoint platform includes all the tools to clean systems, rollback files and revive the business quickly after an attack.

Respond and Remediate

The most automated EDR

Automate operational defense and remediation tasks and focus on your strategy

Nucleon Security Endpoint Detection and Response Dashboard



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