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Cyber security + Malware + CTI + Threat Sébastien Guisnet

What is Threat Hunting and how it can benefit your organisation?

What is threat hunting and why we need it now ? Threat hunting designates all the activities conducted by a threat hunter or a cyberthreat analyst in order to find hidden persistent threats inside an organization’s infrastructure. Abnormal events such as a connection to an unknown server, access to a sensitive process memory or a DLL injection are some examples of what a ...

Execution of Corana Malware with Nucleon Smart Endpoint EDR


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Malware Sébastien Guisnet

Corona-Malware the New Trend to Steal Your Data

This new malware (Corona-virus-Map.exe) masquerades as an application for monitoring cases of Coronavirus infections. This program is apparently a software allowing to visualize the infection map of Coronavirus, it is based on the official map ( bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 ) by integrating browser viewing functionality as seen in the screenshot. But this [...]


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Cyber security + Ransomware Sébastien Guisnet

Living Off the Land or Filleless Attacks

What are Living off the land or Filleless attacks and why is it a real Cybersecurity issue? The different appellations  Targeted and non-targeted cyberattacks use different operating methods to achieve their ends. Among these operating modes we find attacks without files. These can have several names: fileless attacks zero-footprint attacks non-malware attacks [...]

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