Solidarity Covid19

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Protect your users with our EDR platform

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With the explosion of the number of persons working remotely and the resurgence of cyberattacks exploiting the fears linked to the health crisis, companies and organizations in all sectors, and in particular healthcare establishments, find themselves exposed to even more cyber risks.

In this particular context, Nucleon Security is implementing a program for all health actors allowing them to benefit from its platform EDR Nucleon Smart Endpoint free of charge for 6 months.

The Nucleon Smart Endpoint platform will allow healthcare actors to:

  • Protect against all malware-based attacks, including ransomware
  • Respond effectively to cybersecurity incidents 
  • Monitor vulnerabilities in real time

La plateforme Nucleon Smart Endpoint

1. Machine Learning

The Power of Machine Learning to detect Unknown Threats Undetectable by Classic Antiviruses

2. Hardening of workstations and servers

Hardening of workstations and servers against all the techniques used by attackers in their campaigns

3. Centralized and real-time monitoring

Centralized monitoring of all the security metrics in your infrastructure with real-time alerts in the event of an attack

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