Nucleon Security and NearSecure sign an Integration and MDR partnership

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Vanves, France November 03, 2020

As part of its mission to accelerate the transition of businesses of all sizes from traditional antivirus to NextGen, EPP and EDR solutions, Nucleon Security is partnering with NearSecure, a leader in the African market.

The partnership between Nucleon Security and NearSecure is based on two main areas. The first area is the marketing and integration of Nucleon Security solutions on the Moroccan market as well as the African countries in which NearSecure is present. The second area is the mid-term integration of the incident detection and response functionalities of the EDR Nucleon Smart Endpoint platform into the NearSecure SOC.

NearSecure’s advanced knowledge of its market and the modular nature of Nucleon Security’s solutions will allow organisation’s rapid transformation in terms of security strategies and a high improvement of their protection level against cyberthreats, in particular ransomware for which traditional antiviruses are today obsolete.

About NearSecure

Near Secure is a leading African cybersecurity company founded by some of the world’s leading defensive and offensive security experts and researchers. NearSecure is certified as an Audit Service Provider for the Security of Sensitive Information Systems of Critically Important Infrastructures PASSI by the DGSSI (General Directorate of Information Systems Security). By offering a highly qualified service for the integration of the most suitable security solutions, our team is dedicated to contribute to build a NearSecured system!

About Nucleon Security

Nucleon Smart Endpoint is a Zero-Trust and Artificial Intelligence based platform, for cyberthreat detection and response. With its EDR platform, Nucleon Security shapes the future of endpoint protection by leveraging the power of Big Data and artificial intelligence.

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